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Why End Grain?

End grain is hard-wearing – as you cut the knife blade strikes between the wood fibres and when lifted, the grain will close up again. Because the grain runs vertically, the fibres are not actually cut – just temporarily separated. For this reason, end grain is more durable than the traditional edge or face grain boards.

This board was created in 2012 and has been used everyday since.

Here's a couple of close-up images showing how the
board scores over time.

Keeps your knives sharper – instead of crushing against the wood’s fibres, the knife blade goes between them (imagine perhaps a blade going through upturned paint brush bristles).

End Grain is a good choice for food safety – studies have shown that the capillary action of the wood fibre actually discourages the growth of bacteria. Other board materials like plastic, marble or glass don’t have this quality and when cutting marks and valleys form from everyday use, bacteria can multiply in these crevices and are difficult to access to clean completely.